So glad I got to have sessions with Jordan! Not only was he attentive and encouraging in our conversation, but he also created a space where I felt completely comfortable being myself, which made it much easier to have breakthroughs in my own thinking. He helped me catch my blindspots, and now I'm equipped to be, do, and act better than I was before. If you're looking for a guide on your journey, he's it! 

Joei Diaz, Florida

Jordan energy and way of asking questions is so positive! I really appreciate his time during my coaching calls because I learned so much. He gave me applicable steps to work on and checked in on me with my progress.I think Jordan approach to coaching is amazing because he isn't pushy, is accepting where you are at, and is sure to help you processed. Everything affects everything. Jordan certainly helps you dive deeper into understanding where you're coming from, and where you need to go, in order to be who you want to be. Thank you again Jordan!  

Rebecca Holman, Minnesota

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My name is Catherine Ybarra  and I am a first generation Hispanic woman to have graduated college who like many others, struggled to love myself and figure out who I amazing to be yourself. This is why I will be obtaining my master's in psychology with an emphasis on life coaching because I want to impact lives. I want to show others that life indeed can be still beautiful the Stroms that hit us. Being part of the Genius community opened doors to many learning opportunities. This is where I had a Greta opportunity to meet and attend two lives coaching session with Jordan who taught me so much about the importance of not only setting your goals but documenting them. These sessions made me realize that the more we work about our goals, the more real they become with us and if we stay committed to them each day, we will triumph sooner than we think. Thank you Jordan for all those wisdom and energy you poured into my cup. I have never been happy in my entire life!

Catherine Ybarra


One word: Transformational! Working with Jordan was impactful in so many ways. From the very beginning, Jordan exuded heartwarming openness and positivity during every moment of our sessions. He created a safe and present environment that allowed me to reach a very vulnerable place within myself that led me to discover what I felt were revelations in my thought processes and the realization of the role I played in my life in terms of how I was standing in my own way of achieving my goals. Jordan then helped guide me into making some concrete steps I could realistically take that would lead me to achieving my goal. I was someone who was great at making plans for creating great change in my life, but I always struggled with sticking to the execution of the day to day tasks that would ultimately get me there, especially when I would begin to feel the positive effects of those small daily transformational tasks. I can proudly say since my sessions with Jordan, I have successfully stayed on track, became my number one priority in self-care, and I have not missed a day yet in completing those small daily tasks that will ultimately lead to the big and great things in my life. I feel for the first time in my life a major pivotal shift in my belief that I too, deserve good things, and I owe much gratitude to Jordan for helping me get there. If you want a coach who is open, honest, joyful, confident, supportive, but also not afraid to sit in those vulnerable places with you in order to reach the beauty, growth, and transformation that sits on the other side of that discomfort, then I believe Jordan is the right coach for you!

Jess Harrison

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Jordan Harris provides excellent one-on-one coaching as he has found is passion in giving guidance to your life's path. He is kind, patient making him easy to talk to. He asks all the right questions, and got me to think about the importance of gratitude, balance, and valuing my time. I highly recommend you talk to Jordan Harris and see what he opens your eyes about.

Annette Montoya 


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