Meet Jordan Harris

Jordan Harris is a success coach for sober alcoholics and addicts. He helps sober alcoholics and addicts find their success in sobriety. Jordan is an alcoholic himself who got sober on 03/18/2017. He knows what it is like to walk in the depth of darkness into the light of the good life.  Jordan left his 6-figure income job in October of 2019, as the General Manager of a restaurant, to follow his passion of becoming a coach. While he had material success as a General Manager, Jordan recognized success is much more than just financial wealth. In his personal development journey, he began to work on all avenues of his life and has reached success beyond a monetary value. He is a successful father to his daughter, Shayden. He is successful with his relationships, energy level, health, mindset, courage, and clarity in his life and mission. Jordan works with his clients in a one on one coaching setting. He is accessible to anyone who has internet access, as he coaches online through video (or phone) calls. To contact Jordan with questions or for a free discovery coaching session, please send him an email at . If you want to book a free strategy session immediately, visit Jordan’s direct scheduling link here.


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